Contractual audits

Our contractual audit assignments involve carrying out specific verifications in accordance with agreed procedures, in our role as independent auditors. We are often asked to perform this type of assignment in the following contexts:

Beneficiaries of subsidies and/or grants

Organizations receiving subsidies and/or grants may be required to report on the use of these funds. Our role is to check that this use is consistent with the underlying agreements.

Companies required to submit reports or declarations under specific agreements

Some companies may be required to submit reports or declarations under specific agreements or arrangements. These agreements may be with partners, investors, creditors or other stakeholders. In such cases, we are asked as independent auditors to carry out contractual audits to verify the information provided in the reports submitted.

The purpose of contractual audits is to provide independent assurance to relevant stakeholders as to the reliability and integrity of the information provided by the reporting organisation.

It is important to note that contractual audits may vary according to the specific requirements of each situation. Agreed upon procedures are defined in consultation with the organisation and stakeholders involved, to meet the specific needs of the engagement.

This concerns

Any organisation wishing or needing to subject financial information to checks carried out, according to agreed procedures, by an independent auditor. This type of engagement concerns in particular:
  • Recipients of subsidies and/or grants who are accountable to the subsidising authorities.
  • Companies required to submit financial reports under special agreements.

Our approach

Extensive experience in carrying out audits in connection with national and international donors. In addition to our extensive knowledge of the underlying procedures, our clients generally appreciate our pragmatic approach and our flexibility in delivering our services to tight deadlines.

Our company is fully committed to complying with the strict requirements governing the profession of registered auditors in Belgium, particularly with regard to ethical principles, permanent training, auditing standards, quality standards, etc.